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Although even the most basic divorce is a complex legal affair, the presence of valuable assets can make the process even more challenging to navigate.

Harmon Caldwell and his team of attorneys understand how to approach cases that involve significant assets and liabilities. We'll work with you to defend your assets in and out of court.

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What Makes a High Net Worth Divorce Different?

Many divorcees mistakenly assume that their divorce will follow in the same footsteps as any other dissolution of marriage in Georgia, regardless of the assets or liabilities they possess. In truth, high net worth, or high asset, divorces differ from a normal contested or uncontested divorce in various ways.

High Net Worth Divorces Can Be More Contentious

When assets worth millions are at stake, disagreements over how the parties should distribute those assets and liabilities are common.

Georgia is an equitable division state, and in a high-asset divorce, parties regularly disagree on what an equitable division of property entails. Since the outcome of a high-asset divorce can dramatically impact each party for years and even decades post-divorce, it's not uncommon for high-asset divorces to be more hotly contested than divorces where less is at stake.

When parties disagree on how to address valuable assets such as a business, it complicates the divorce. Both parties may choose to hire expert witnesses to testify on their behalf, drawing out the divorce trial with analysis and additional testimony thus lengthening the time it takes for the case to reach a court.

High Net Worth Divorces Often Take Longer to Resolve

As part of the property division process, each party must disclose all separate and marital property they possess to the court. This information helps the court ensure that each party receives a fair outcome from the property division process.

However, the sheer amount (and value) of assets involved in high-asset divorces often result in a lengthy divorce process, especially when parties disagree on how to divide property, deal with alimony, handle child support and custody, etc. It's not uncommon for high-asset divorces to take years to finalize when other factors such as allegedly hidden property or additional witnesses play a role in the case.

High Net Worth Child Support & Alimony Issues Can Be More Complex

Alimony and child support issues in high-asset divorces often result in significant contributions by the party from whom alimony is sought, meaning the party covering child support who does not want to pay such costs, is more likely to contest them. Since these payments are significant, you can usually expect a fight over this issue.

Child support and alimony disputes are most common in divorces which feature one high-net-worth spouse, and a spouse with lower income who requests support for themselves and the party's children to maintain their lifestyle. The spouse from whom alimony and child support is sought will usually argue that the amount requested is more than what is needed. Again, this takes additional time to resolve.

High Net Worth Divorces Have a Higher Profile

Last but not least, high-asset divorces often have a high profile. If you or your soon-to-be-ex is a well-known individual in your community, you may need to deal with individuals such as journalists probing into your divorce and court records.

For this reason, many individuals who pursue a high-asset divorce attempt to use a method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as collaborative divorce, to keep the divorce process off the public record.

You can trust our experienced Atlanta attorneys to protect your assets and advocate for your rights during your high-asset divorce.

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