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Child support arrangements can help a child thrive and receive the resources they need to succeed academically and personally - if the arrangement is equitable.

Whether you're a prospective payor or recipient in a child support case, Harmon Caldwell and his team will help you identify and pursue the best path forward in your case.

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How Do Courts Calculate Child Support in GA?

Unlike some states, Georgia uses a child support calculator to determine how much a parent owes in child support (in cases where child support is necessary).

The child support calculator uses an income shares model to calculate support. Essentially, the calculator determines how much money parents would spend on a child as a family unit, and then uses each parent's income to determine how much child support a child support payor is responsible for relative to their child's needs.

The calculator uses gross income to determine how much support a parent is responsible for. Gross income includes most types of earnings, including salaries, commissions, tips, pensions, investments, disability or social security payments, commissions, and more.

Once the calculator has each parent's gross income, it then uses those numbers to determine how much an individual needs to pay in child support. You can find the Georgia child support calculator here. However, we recommend you consult with an experienced divorce attorney to be certain the correct amounts are entered into the calculator.

Is My Child Support Arrangement Set in Stone?

Very few divorce-related orders are set in stone, and child support is no exception.

As child support is being determined, a number of other factors can adjust how much support the payor needs to contribute. For example, if a child has a unique medical condition, the payor may need to contribute more to medication.

Additionally, courts can modify child support arrangements after a court issues the initial support order.

Suppose the party receiving or paying for child support experiences a substantial change in circumstances (such as losing a job, promotion, getting remarried, etc.). In that case, they can file to either modify or terminate the child support order. The court will then determine whether a new child support order would be more equitable (a modification) or whether the support order should be removed altogether (a termination).

We will work with you to pursue an ideal outcome in your child support case.

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