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More Money More Problems: The High Stakes of a High Asset Divorce

Regardless of the circumstances, getting a divorce isn't easy. The process is emotionally taxing - going over child custody, alimony, splitting assets - it's a lot to handle. Add in a significant amount of property, and the stakes become significantly higher.

Couples with a high-net-worth typically face unique challenges when going through the divorce process. However, understanding these complexities and knowing how to handle them can decrease the stress one may feel. At Harmon Caldwell, our Atlanta high-asset attorneys are here to help clients navigate the intricacies of high-asset divorces.

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What Makes a High-Asset Divorce Different?

Compared to traditional divorce, a high-net-worth divorce is typically more demanding due to increased income and/or value of assets belonging to one or both spouses. With more money comes higher stakes.

Note that a high-net-worth couple doesn't just mean the spouse(s) have a high salary - several types of assets are factored into what is considered a "high-net-worth couple."

High-net worth divorces can include the following assets:

  • Intellectual property (like trademarks, patent, copyrights);
  • Businesses you or your spouse own
  • Inheritances and/or trusts
  • Real estate investments
  • Stocks, bonds, and investments
  • Vehicles, boats, and private planes
  • Retirement accounts
  • Art collections
  • Jewelry
  • Other intangible assets worth a high value
  • Any other significant material asset that the couple owns

In order to come out with a favorable outcome in your divorce, it's crucial to understand all of your different types of assets and their value.

Navigating a High-Asset Divorce

Because high-asset divorces are so complicated, any small error can lead to costly consequences if you do not take the necessary precautions. The following tips will help you navigate the divorce process while protecting your best interests and assets.

Build a Plan

The first step is to create a plan to help you maintain a clear idea of what you want to accomplish during the divorce process.

Think about what your end goal is when considering the following:

  • How will the divorce impact any children involved, including their potential living situation and legal custody?
  • How will the divorce change your lifestyle, finances, assets, and living situation?
  • What do you want out of the divorce in terms of goals and assets?
  • Do you wish to manage divorce matters in court, mediation, negotiation, or arbitration?

Find an Attorney With Experience Handling High-Asset Divorces

Once you have established a plan and understand your high-asset divorce goals, you will want to immediately contact a skilled Atlanta divorce lawyer.

During this complex process, it's easy to miss small details if you try to handle them personally or through an attorney with little experience navigating high-net-worth divorces. These errors can be detrimental to your case and lead to an unfair division of your assets.

At Harmon Caldwell, our experienced Atlanta lawyer and skilled family law team assist clients by:

  • Determining which assets are marital property and which are separate property
  • Accurately identifying and valuing assets
  • Dividing up shared interests in businesses
  • Considering all tax liabilities in the division of property
  • Evaluating existing prenuptial or postnuptial agreements
  • Determining how potential alimony payments will impact the settlement
  • Guiding you through all other divorce matters like child custody and child support

Our team has countless experience working with forensic accountants, property appraisal specialists, and other professionals to correctly find, identify, and appraise assets in a high net worth divorce. You can trust that we will protect your hard-earned property when you work with us.

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Going through a high-asset divorce is stressful, but with our trusted Atlanta attorney on your side, you can be assured that your rights, best interests, and property will always be protected.

After reviewing your case's details, Harmon Caldwell will craft a unique plan tailored just to you and your goals. Then we will carefully explain every step of the process so you always understand what the next steps in your case are. With Harmon Caldwell handling your divorce, you will never be left alone in the dark.

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