The Divorce Process: Why I Wrote the Book

When people come to me for advice about a divorce, they are often and understandably in a difficult emotional state. And we all know that when emotions are running high, it’s tough to absorb information, no matter how badly we want or need it.

I have seen it again and again — we are sitting in my office and I am answering questions or providing information to a client or prospective client who is contemplating divorce – and I see that the client is simply not able to appreciate all the information I have provided. Add to that the challenge that I am frequently trying to dispel myths the client has heard about the process, and it’s a lot to deal with.

I wanted to give clients something they could take with them. Something they could read and re-read –the result was my book. I wanted to provide easy-to-understand information to my clients and anyone else interested in the process of divorce in Georgia. That book is Harmon Caldwell’s Georgia Divorce Handbook: A Guide for Navigating the Divorce Process.

Harmon Caldwell's Georgia Divorce Handbook

Harmon Caldwell’s Georgia Divorce Handbook

The book covers everything you need to know including what is covered in the initial meeting with an attorney, what the grounds of divorce are, issues in divorce like alimony and child support, and how to find a lawyer.

It also explains legal terms like Discovery, Depositions, Motions, and Settlement Agreements. And while many of the issues we deal with in the process of divorce haven’t changed in decades, there are new ones every day because of the rapid changes in technology. So in my book, I have chapters on social media and computers. I answer questions such as, “I have incriminating information on my wife that I found on her computer. Am I able to use this information against her?”

My goal in writing this book was to provide information for my clients that they could refer to as questions arose. I wanted to demystify the divorce process. The decision to divorce can be overwhelming, and understanding all the steps involved can help my clients get better prepared, feel stronger, and be more empowered.

As I told Christine Pullara during an appearance on the TV show “atl&co,” “I was trying to give clients something they could take with them, tell them what they needed to know about divorce, something they could read and re-read in private. Something that would try and help them avoid the mistakes that so many people make as they go into a divorce.”

The information in the book is not legal advice, and should not replace advice from an attorney for your particular situation, as every divorce case is different. But it should answer just about any question you may have about the process.

If you would like to set up a free consultation with me, please call my office and we’ll be happy to make an appointment with you. And I’ll give you a copy of my book.

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