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Case History - Divorce

During the past 44 years, Harmon Caldwell had handled over a thousand contested divorce cases. He has tried some 200 civil jury trials, most of which have been decided in his client’s favor, and he has been recognized repeatedly as one of Georgia’s best lawyers.

He has frequently represented members of Atlanta’s wealthiest and most recognizable families, including several on the Forbes 500 Richest People in the World. He has represented numerous attorneys, physicians, accountants and prominent business people. He has also represented the spouses of attorneys, physicians, accountants and prominent business people.

His knowledge of the law, his experience, his creative approach to each case, and his ability to communicate with trial judges and juries puts him at the top of the short list of lawyers who can handle high income large asset divorce cases.

One of the most important elements in handling a large asset divorce case is having the best experts in business valuations, real estate appraisals, and forensic accounting. This is where cases are won and lost. Harmon and his team at Caldwell, Propst & DeLoach have assembled the absolute top individuals in their fields. Individuals who not only know their subject but excel in their ability to testify effectively.

Harmon strongly believes in resolving disputes on a reasonable basis and encourages mediation in every case. Unfortunately, in many situations, particularly in wealthy families, the other side does not want to be reasonable. In those cases, it is critical to have a fierce advocate who the opposition knows will not hesitate to try the case if circumstances demand it.

That reputation has brought him clients from all parts of the state, and he has handled cases in Albany, Athens, Augusta, Barnesville, Blue Ridge, Brunswick, Carrollton, Dallas, Dalton, Fayetteville, Gainesville, Griffin, Macon, Sylvester, Tifton, Washington, Watkinsville, Waycross, and numerous others. Always entertaining, with lots of stories about the cases he has tried, he speaks frequently to other attorneys and accountants, as well as lay people about various aspects of divorce.

His book, Harmon Caldwell’s Georgia Divorce Handbook, which describes the divorce process from beginning to end, has been the go-to guide for lawyers and non-lawyers since 2013.

Harmon has also prepared countless prenuptial agreements for couples who have wanted to protect themselves should their marriage end for whatever reason.

A few of the divorce cases Harmon has handled are:

Ruth M. Rollins v. Gary W. Rollins (Case No. 2010CV190124; Fulton Superior Court)

Harmon represented Ruthie Rollins in this high-profile very large asset divorce which she filed after 45 years of marriage. Mr. Rollins was the Chief Executive Officer of Rollins, Inc. and one of the richest men in the world. The case was settled after several years and a 5-day bench trial.

Chris Carlos v. Merry Carlos (Case No. 2013CV226546; Fulton Superior Court)

Harmon represented Chris Carlos in this very large asset divorce and child custody dispute which was settled on very favorable terms for Mr. Carlos, who also received custody of the couple’s two children.

Amy H. Bowen v. Charles E. Bowen, Jr. (Case No. 07-1-7441-42; Cobb Superior Court)

Harmon represented Amy Bowen in this very large asset case. Mr. Bowen was an Atlanta businessman with substantial real estate holdings. The parties were married for 21 years. The case was resolved in her favor after almost three years and a number of Motions hearings.

Cynthia C. George v. William M. George, Jr. (Case No. 11CV-06923; Dougherty Superior Court)

This was a very high-profile large asset divorce case tried to a jury for two weeks in Albany, Georgia. William George was one of the leading physicians in South Georgia. Harmon represented Cynthia George. The case included evidence of Dr. George’s adultery and efforts to hide assets. Ms. George received an extremely large award and the Court also gave her one of the largest awards of attorney fees ever made in Georgia.

Nancy Bennett Christensen McIver v. Claude Lee McIver (Case No. E69300; Fulton Superior Court)

Before attorney Claude “Tex” McIver was convicted of killing his second wife, Harmon represented his first wife in this divorce following their 34 years of marriage. The case involved significant assets. There was evidence of adultery and the fact that Mr. McIver was hiding assets. The case was settled after the trial judge found Mr. McIver in willful contempt on two separate occasions.

Judy Carol Wilson v. Roy Wayne Wilson (Case No. 9717837-35; Cobb Superior Court)

Harmon represented businessman Wayne Wilson in this alleged common law marriage case. Mr. Wilson had accumulated substantial assets. Ms. Wilson claimed there was a common law marriage and that she was entitled to half of his assets. After a trial lasting a week in Cobb County, the jury found in favor of Mr. Wilson, that there was no common law marriage and gave Ms. Wilson nothing.

Susan B. Been v. Jonathan W. Been (Case No. 2016CV272733; Fulton Superior Court)

This was another high-profile very large asset divorce. The parties were married 20 years. Mrs. Been was the Chief Executive Officer of Wilson Parker Homes, the largest private home builder in Georgia. Harmon represented Mrs. Been and the case was settled on very favorable terms for her.

A. J. Stanley v. C. F. Stanley (Case No. 00-2640-1; DeKalb Superior Court)

In this highly publicized case, Harmon represented Anna Stanley in her divorce from Rev. Charles Stanley, a nationally recognized televangelist. The parties had been married 45 years. Ultimately, the case was resolved on terms very beneficial for Anna.

Joann Baltimore v. Benny Thomas Baltimore (Case No. 94-CV-286; Worth Superior Court)

Harmon represented Mrs. Baltimore in this divorce after 34 years of marriage. Mr. Baltimore was a local Atlanta businessman with significant assets. He owned a hunting plantation in Worth County, Georgia where the case was to be tried. Again, there was evidence of adultery and hidden assets. The case was settled after a jury was seated on terms very favorable for Mrs. Baltimore.

Shannon Marie Machamer v. Lamont John Machamer (Case No. 9410622-24; Cobb Superior Court)

This was a large asset high income divorce case. Lamont owned significant interests in various companies and the couple had two small children. Harmon represented Lamont and resolved the case very favorably for him.

Judith Hogg v. Jack B. Hogg (Case No. 2003-CV-71079; Fulton Superior Court)

Harmon represented Jack Hogg in this divorce case. Mr. Hogg had inherited a very large estate. His wife and her counsel claimed Mrs. Hogg was entitled to share in the inherited assets. After a series of Motion hearings in which Harmon prevailed, the case was settled on terms very favorable for Jack.

Robert Coram v. Jeannine Coram (Case No. 18FM9306; DeKalb Superior Court)

Harmon represented noted author Robert Coram in this divorce and the case was settled favorably for him.

Carol H. Silverman v. Robert L. Silverman (Case No. 2007CV130877; Fulton Superior Court)

Harmon represented Carol Silverman in this divorce with well-known Atlanta real estate developer, Robert Silverman. Mr. Silverman was the President and CEO of Winter Construction Company. The case was settled on very favorable terms for Mrs. Silverman.

David A. Buckel v. Margaret R. Buckel (Case No. 2003CV64030; Fulton Superior Court)

He represented Mrs. Buckel in this divorce action. Mr. Buckel was the Chief Financial Officer of Interland, Inc., a publicly-traded web hosting company The case was tried before a judge and Mr. Buckel was compelled to settle the case after Harmon forced him to admit during cross-examination that he had not been truthful about the extent of his assets in his earlier testimony.

Angela K. Karatassos v. Pano I. Karatassos (Case No. 2011CV195048; Fulton Superior Court)

Harmon represented Mrs. Karatassos in this well-publicized divorce case. Some of the evidence was not helpful for Angela. Nonetheless, by taking a very creative approach to the accumulation of marital assets, Harmon was able to achieve a very favorable result for Angela.

Nancy M. Boyken v. Donald R. Boyken (Case No. 2006CV120523; Fulton Superior Court)

Harmon represented Nancy Boyken in this divorce with prominent real estate construction expert and CEO of DRB Development Solutions, LLC The case was tried to a judge. Mr. Boykin was compelled to settle the case after Harmon made him admit during cross-examination that he had given sworn testimony indicating materially different values for his closely-held company.